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Canada Day Ride Info

July 1st

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The Oshawa Cycling Club Canada Day Ride and Picnic is one of the highlights of the year for our club members. Tradition dictated that we would ride 1 kilometre on honour of every year since Canada’s birth. Although it was a lofty goal, as Canada ages the number of kilometres’ to ride started to get a little high for everyone so we do offer a few short route options.

So on July 1st what better way to celebrate Canada’s Birthday then with a bike ride?

3 Routes to chose from:

Please be aware there are no Designated Rider Leaders and there is no SAG support on the Canada Day Ride. Please come prepared with you own spare tires, CO2, water, and ride nutrition.

Route 1: 150km with about 5500ft (1675 metres) of climbing

Route 2: 80k - Port hope and back

Route 3: 40 km - Around the Orono and Newcastle Area.

Departure Times

Start Location: Orono Park, 61 Princess St Orono

google map

150 km (24-26 k average: 7 am.
150 Km (27+ k average: 8 am
*short cuts are available on the route

80 Km C level: 9 am
80 km B or Higher : 10am

40 Km 11am

This is designed so most riders will arrive back around 1-2 pm.

Barbecue starts generally around 1pm to 3 pm.

RSVP is now closed.

Warren's Bike

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