Mobile Devices:
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Below is a quick link to our Discord Channel for Indoor group rides if you are looking at this on your mobile device and have the discord app installed.

How to set up and use Discord

You have a couple of options regarding how you connect to the Discord OCC Server. I would suggest your mobile device but you can download apps for your desktop or even use discord in certain web browsers. I'm going to assume you are going to use your mobile device and this walk through is geared for mobile but you should be able to follow the steps and modify for the desktop app or browser.


1. Download Discord from your phone's app store
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2.Open the app and set up an account, if you haven't already joined. Accounts are free.
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3. Once you are registered, click on the + sign and then "JOIN" a server
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4. At the Join a Server page enter the OCC Group ride server code which is below.
Congrats you can now join in the conversation during an OCC Group Ride.

Using Discord during an Indoor group ride.

Start the Discord App and click on menu on the top right of the screen.
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This will bring up a screen with the OCC logo. Click on the the OCC logo and it will bring up a screen with Text Channels and Voice Channels.
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I have set up one channel for each. If possible I would suggest using the voice channel as it is much easier to just talk then trying to text while riding. To join a channel you just click on it and to enter a voice channel it will ask confirm your choice and you will have to allow access to your microphone in your mobile device. I suggest using cheap headphones which have a mic built in. Ie) iPhone headphones...
If you would like to test out the voice channel prior to a OCC Group ride I will try to log on about 30 minute prior to the ride so we can test it out. Or feel free to send me a text message through the app.

Tips and Tricks

1. At the bottom of the screen it will tell you if you are connected to the voice chat. If you dont see a green dot beside Voice Connected you are only listening and are unable to chat. you either haven't allowed microphone access or your mobile device is set to Push to talk. I suggest changing the setting to Voice Activity which can be found in voice settings located at the bottom of the screen. Input mode should be set to Voice Activity
2. If you have other devices running on your internet connection while you are on Zwift they can lead to crashes of your system. If possible turn off all devices that could be doing background updates during your ride. Other family members using your wifi/broadband connection will definitely increase your chances of Zwift Crashes. Regardless of your bandwidth into your house your modem will be the limiting factor when it comes to streaming Zwift.
3. Feel free to use this server and channels for indoor training rides with other OCC riders. Try to limit it to OCC members as we do have to follow the privacy policies of the club and the use of this server is governed by the same guidelines set out for our FaceBook members page. I will moderate the members that are added to the server and will remove anyone that isn't a OCC member. If your online user name is not recognizable please let me know so I don't accidentally remove your user name.