The Oshawa Cycling Club was established in 1980. It was founded by two avid cyclists, Edward Reilly and Gerald Corrigan. Together they formed the club for the purpose of safe cycling, promoting physical fitness in cycling and companionship on the road.

The Club offers regularly scheduled rides on weekdays and weekends from early April to late October. There are many featured or special event rides through out the season. The OCC supports cyclists of all age and experience levels including serious road cyclists, triathletes, touring cycling, mountain bikers, recreational riders and active non-riding members.
Oshawa Cycling Club
PO Box 671
Whitby ON L1N 5V3
  • Board of Directors[+]


    Melissa Claxton-Oldfield

    Vice President:

    Warren Friend


    Morgan Dixon


    Steve Forman

    Membership Director

    Richard Oldfield


    Dan Kitching


    J.D. Power


    Chantal Mailhot


    Steve Forman
    Board Meetings:
    Board of Director meetings are held regularly to conduct new business of the club. Representatives on the board are mandated by club members to conduct business on their behalf. Board Members are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meetings. All members are welcome to attend these meetings and find out more how the club operates. Members can also take part in specific portfolios or committees by approaching a director.
    Board Announcements:
  • Committees[+]
    Standing Committees & Chair
    Standing Committee
    Ride Committee
    M. Claxton-Oldfield
  • Directives of The Club[+]
    Mission Statement
    • To promote safe and enjoyable cycling for all levels of cyclists
    1. To promote safe and enjoyable cycling for all levels of cyclists;
    2. To promote the sport of cycling;
    3. To promote interest and participation in cycling games, sports and recreation;
    4. To arrange matches and competitions related to cycling, and to establish and grant prizes, awards, and distinction in respect to cycling activities;
    5. To arrange for instruction, displays and exhibitions of cycling skills;
    6. To foster goodwill and sportsmanship.
  • History[+]


    • OCC established by Edward Reilly and Gerald Corrigan, with official colours chosen as blue, yellow and white (Official City Colours) with Edward voted in as 1st President


    • First Scugog Circle Century Tour held with 6 participants


    • Honorary Lifetime Membership awarded to Gerald Corrigan as co-founder of the OCC


    • Website set up for the club by Andrew Asquith on a personal site


    • Honorary Lifetime Membership awarded to Ed Reilly as co-founder of the OCC


    • OCC registered own internet site “”


    • 20th Anniversary of Scogog Circle Century Tour held with 309 participants


    • 25th and final Scugog Century Ride


    • First Ride4UnitedWay ride


    • 30th Anniversary of the OCC with a huge influx of new members bringing the membership total to over 250


    • First “Tour to Trent”


    • Club hits 100 members out on a Tuesday Evening Ride!


    • Club hits 400 members


    • New By-laws adopted in accordance with the new Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act. OCC adopts October 31 as fiscal and operating yearend.
  • Board Archives[+]
  • Club Awards[+]
    Club Awards can be found here
  • Bylaws[+]
  • Member's Code of Conduct[+]
    Oshawa Cycling Club - Code of Conduct
    As an OCC member I promise to practice good sportsmanship and conduct myself in a respectable manner at all cycling and non-cycling events where I am representing the OCC. (“Representing the club” is considered to be anytime you are at an event where you are registered as an OCC member, and/or anytime you are wearing apparel that includes the name and/or logo of OCC.)

    Inappropriate and unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to:

    1. Physical abuse to any person or property while riding or at any club event. This to include guests.

    2. Use of foul language, making obscene gestures towards any person while riding or at any club event.

    3. Malicious actions at an OCC event that endangers the well-being of others.

    4. Unlawful activity, including theft or fraud, intentional damage to property; and use, sale, possession, or distribution of illegal drugs.

    5. Non-consensual physical contact, threatening or bullying behavior, unwanted sexual advances, and any other inappropriate behavior.

    6. Conduct which is hostile, abusive, harassing, or discriminatory toward others.

    7. Excessive consumption of alcohol at OCC events or reporting to these events while inebriated or “under the influence of illegal drugs”.

    8. Other inappropriate conduct that reflects poorly on OCC and/or upon cycling in general.

    9. Failure of any member to report inappropriate activity or unacceptable activity as noted in the following:

    Members who experience or witness inappropriate or unacceptable activity as outlined above are expected to promptly report the issue to the Ride Leader on that particular ride. If the member is not satisfied with the response of the ride leader, they should go online and complete a “Member Concern Request for Review Form”.
    As an OCC Member, I will:
    1. Abide by all relevant traffic regulations whether on individual or group rides; respecting rules of the road and maintaining safe riding habits.

    2. Assist any rider having mechanical or physical difficulties on OCC rides when they are unable to continue to ride safely.

    3. Select the appropriate ride pace for my ability on OCC rides and ride within the advertised pace or relinquish this responsibility by informing the ride leader that I intend to ride at a faster or slower pace. I understand this will separate me from the club ride.

    OCC members must be conscious of their role as ambassadors to the non-cycling and recreational cycling communities. The OCC logo, such as on apparel, is an advertising vehicle for the club. Failure to abide by bicycling traffic laws, if observed by the public can be extremely detrimental to the club’s image. Disciplinary actions may result in the revocation of all membership perks and/or privileges. All members demonstrating a manifest unwillingness to meet this Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action by the club which may include suspension of their club membership, or possibly having their membership revoked.

    Ride participants under the age of sixteen may participate on club rides only if accompanied throughout the event by a parent or guardian who is a member of the club.

    OCC Membership is a privilege. Membership may be revoked, suspended, or denied.
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